Monday, November 19, 2012

The Year of 15 Challenges, Challenge 2: BJP 2013

I am a participant in the BJP 2013!!! Yeeee !!!!
You Are invited to see some of my work:
BJP January 2013
BJP February 2013

BJP - is a long term challenge.

(As written in the BJP guidelines)  The  Bead Journal Project  is all about making a commitment to art.

It means:
Making one piece per month for a year.
It is about expanding and developing technical skills, measuring grouth and success against one's own work, not against the work of other participants.
It is all about a creative pathway.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from previous years : 
Cathy's BJP made in  2010
Another BJP piece made by Cathy

One of Robin's BJP 2012

I was a member of the BJP in 2010.  Here is one of my pieces. It was made after my first grandson was born.  In the photo he is about One and a half years old
BJP - made by Miri Agassi
אני ממש ממש שמחה שהצטרפתי לפרויקט. כל חודש - עבודה אחת. כשהייתי חברה ב2010 סיימתי 7 עבודות בלבד, מקווה הפעם להציב לעצמי רף שאינו גבוה מדי, ולסיים 12 עבודות ב12 חדשים.
זה האתגר השני שלי השנה...