Sunday, January 10, 2010

BJP - January

I am happy to introduce my first jourrnal project. January. The idea was Freedom vs. Unity, Creative Ideas vs. Rules. This is how I feel in the beginning of the Project. My mind is full of ideas that are blocked because of my own "stupid" rules or lack of technical knowledge.

The work's size is 3 x 7.5 inch. (6.5 x 14.5 cm.)


  1. What a interesting concept. I like it when I know what an artist is thinking as they progress,,, Gerry Krueger

  2. I love it that we have a "bead weaver" in the BJP this year!!! Your work is beautiful and thought provoking. The concept of freedom vs. unity is most interesting to me! Robin A.

  3. Shalom, Miri. I understand only too well about how critical we can be of our own work and set up silly rules that get in our way. I love your piece, and the idea of the butterfly taking off.


  4. The thing about the comments is that not only is the button in Hebrew, which I figured out, the text flows right to left, which is the opposite of how English is written. I think it's fun, though the last punctuation comes in the wrong place... 

    Your work is really lovely and interesting and touches me, because I also have the same problem of freedom vv. my self-imposed restrictions. I always want the freedom to win out, but sometimes it does not.

  5. Shalom, Miri, I just loved the way you expressed your ideas and worked through them. My hope for this year is to loosen up and not be so regimented. I guess I have lots of rules to break. Your butterfly is just beautiful, a wonderful addition to your piece. Gita