Wednesday, January 18, 2012


OoPS... weeks have flown by, I was so busy with my work and did not write anything in the blog.. . I cannot believe it. Yesturday I decided that it is time to write about my favorite occupation (is this the right word in English??) which is of course - beads beads beads..
So, to the point. I am glad to announce that I have a new blog about art, beading artists, studios, online shops, supplies, kits.. everything that is fascinating, interesting, and gives us, beading artists, inspiration.. It is called BEAD WONDERS . You are more than welcome to visit it, write comments and if you like it - reccomend it to your friends. 

This blog, BEADWORK will continue as my journey to the bead work. So please do not leave it!!. A new bracelet is going to be finished soon, I will photo it and show it to you, in this blog..  
Thank you my friends!!

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