Thursday, March 1, 2012

The most inspiring..

I would like to share with you the excitment of my current beadworld journey. I started to write almost every day in my new blog  BEAD WONDERS. 
I surf the internet every morning looking for new bead challenges to inform my readers. I find unique, interesting challenges every day. 
It is an amazing experience. I find sites of talented artists that make amazing jewelry. 
Today I found the most inspiring challenge. Something to the soul. 
It is alredy finished, the reveal day is today.
My recommendatin: Visit it!! Take your time and visit all the tallentant participants. 
I have not written about it yet in BEAD WONDERS, probably I will write it tonight. Wanted first thing to share it with you. :-)
Worth a visit.
This is the Music Challenge

Here is the Music reveal
This is the host's, Erin Prai-Hintz, jewelry. You must hear the music too!!
 Did I say it already? Take a glass of wine, sit peacefully and enjoy the visit. 

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