Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Blue Jay on Recycled Bead Feeder beaded bird relief art"

This post is about Diana - "The Lone Beader".
The reason I write about Diana, except the fact that she is an exceptional talented artist, is that in my study, standing in front of me, right now, one of her 3D's great art.
I purchased one of her works of art. 
It is called "Blue Jay on Recycled Bead Feeder beaded bird relief art". and

It is stunning!!! 
I feel so lucky to have it. 
Can't take my eyes of it.

Diana is known for her 3 dimensional beaded paintings. Lots of puppys and classical cars. her work has been published in well known magazines, the Bead International 2008 book,  and in a new book called Great Dogs-Amazing Artists, Canine Art Today. It has been shown in juried exhibits & galleries. 

Here are some of her works:


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  1. This is beautiful. You are lucky! I would be staring at the wall and doing a lot of walk bys myself. I love her work.